Our Mission

Our purpose is to glorify God through worship and service.

We believe that this is to be done by the power of the risen Lord Jesus Christ, who is the only Redeemer of sinners.

We believe that the Triune God reveals Himself in the Bible, which is His infallible Word.

We are committed to the excellent summary of what Scripture teaches found in our doctrinal standards: The Westminster Confession of Faith, and The Larger and Shorter Catechisms.

We are a worshiping church. Coming together to worship our Lord on the Lord’s Day is the center of our life as God’s people. Central to our worship is the reading, preaching and hearing of God’s Word, the Scripture.

We are a learning church. It is important to be well taught in Biblical truth and its application to every area of life. The truth matters. That means that we are to be constantly transformed by it. The church is always reforming according to God’s Word.

We are an evangelistic church. We take the Great Commission of our Lord very seriously. We support the spread of the gospel at home and throughout the world. We are fishers of people.

We are a family oriented church. We believe in the nurture of each member and family as part of the larger family of Jesus Christ. The community of believers is the vital context of our spiritual lives.

Amoskeag Presbyterian Church is a congregation of The Orthodox Presbyterian Church. The Orthodox Presbyterian Church began in 1936 as a continuing witness to the Christ of Scripture.