Preaching the Christ of Scripture

(Sunday after Labor Day through 2nd Sunday in June)
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 10:30 AM and 6:00 PM

        The Lord’s Day –  December 10, 2017

Approach to the Lord

Silent Prayer
Call to Worship:
*Hymn #  194 – O Come, O Come, Immanuel
*Gloria Patri #735
*Prayer of Confession (opposite page)
Assurance of Pardon: Hebrews 2:17-18
*Hymn # 193 –  Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence

Proclamation of the Word of God

Prayer for Illumination
Old Covenant Reading: Isaiah 7:1-25
New Covenant Reading: Matthew 1:18-25
Sermon: “Jesus Christ: Heavenly Conception”

Response to the Word of God:

*Hymn # 203  – Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
Confession of Faith: The Westminster Confession 8.2, p.853
Prayer of Intercession and the Lord’s Prayer
Presentation of Tithes and Offerings
*Doxology #731

Communion with the Lord:

Words of Institution and Exhortation
Partaking of the Elements with Prayer
*Hymn # 207 – Good Christian Men, Rejoice
*Silent Prayer

Confession of Sin

O eternal God and merciful Father, we humble ourselves before your great majesty, against which we have frequently and grievously sinned. We acknowledge that we deserve nothing less than eternal death, that we are unclean before you and children of wrath. We continually transgress your commandments, failing to do what you have commanded, and doing that which you have expressly forbidden. We acknowledge our waywardness, and are heartily sorry for all our sins.  We are not worthy to be called your children, nor to lift up our eyes heavenward to you in prayer.  Nevertheless, O Lord God and gracious Father, we know that your mercy toward those who turn to you is infinite; and so we take courage to call upon you, trusting in our Mediator Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. Forgive all our sins for Christ’s sake.  Cover us with his innocence and righteousness, for the glory of your name. Deliver our understanding from all blindness, and our hearts from all wilfulness and rebellion, we pray through Jesus Christ, our Redeemer. Amen.                                                                                                  

WLC Q. 168. What is the Lord’s Supper?
A. The Lord’s supper is a sacrament of the New Testament, wherein, by giving and receiving bread and wine according to the appointment of Jesus Christ, his death is showed forth; and they that worthily communicate feed upon his body and blood, to their spiritual nourishment and growth in grace; have their union and communion with him confirmed; testify and renew their thankfulness, and engagement to God, and their mutual love and fellowship each with other, as members of the same mystical body. The inner two rings of cups are grape juice.  

Let us all return with spiritual expectation to meet with the Lord in our evening service of
praise, prayer and Biblical preaching.                                              

Sunday Evening Service

Call to Worship
 *Hymn # 353 – I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord
Congregational Selection of Hymns
Congregational Prayer
Old Covenant:  Exodus 18:1-27
New Covenant: 1 Thessalonians 5:12-15
Sermon: “Esteem Them in Love”
*Hymn # 355 – We Are God’s People
*Silent Prayer


*               Announcements for December 10, 2017
*               Dec Deacon on Call – Daniel Lascaze

Next Sunday:
*    Fellowship Luncheon:  Please join us for a time of fellowship during a potluck lunch after worship. Please bring a crock-pot dish, salad, or sandwiches to share, and your own dessert.  Beverages will be provided.
*   Ridgewood Nursing Home Christmas Service:  Please join us in our monthly ministry.  See Daniel Lascaze for details (directions are on metal table near bulletin board).
  Lessons and Carols – Sunday Evening 6:00

Annual FNL Christmas Party! Friday, December 22nd, 7pm @APC
The theme is plaid this year! Wear as much plaid as possible!
Bring a gift that costs $5 or less for our Yankee Swap.

Men’s Breakfast: Saturday, Feb 17, 2018 8:00-10:00am

Sunday School Collections – Please remember, as you are able, to help your child provide for the weekly Sunday School missions collections. Just a coin or two is fine. These funds, collected over time, have always helped us give a few hundred dollars to missionaries when they come and visit as an individual “thank offering.” The Sunday School teachers make great efforts throughout the year to teach the children to pray for missions (home and foreign) as well as for our denominational work as a whole.

Sunday Schedules:  (may not reflect changes made by individuals)
Dec Deacon on Call – Daniel Lascaze


Dec          10 – Lascaze, Robiuson
Dec          17 – Fellowship Lunch
Dec          24 – APC
Dec          10 – Matt Graves, APC
Dec          17 – Greg and Hudson Arce
Dec          24 – Bill Lacy, Bill LaVergne
  Nursery Dec          10 – Valerie Fenton, Deborah Gulstrom, Laurel Arce
Dec          17 – Hope Arce, Janelle and Anika Kamerman
Dec          24 – Ethel Sharpe, Karen Armor, Sierra Armor